Youth Runaway and Homelessness Awareness Walk and Rally Puts a Spotlight on Youth Homelessness

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For immediate release: Nov. 8, 2023
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Youth Runaway and Homelessness Awareness Walk and Rally Puts a Spotlight on Youth Homelessness

More than 2,000 youth experience homelessness every night in San Diego

What: Youth Runaway and Homelessness Awareness Walk and Rally to raise awareness for homelessness

When: Nov. 15, 2023
• The walk starts at 10 a.m. at San Diego City Hall with speakers. At 11 a.m. participants will then walk to San Diego Youth Services’ TAY Academy, 2220 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92102.

Who: San Diego Youth Services CEO Walter Philips, staff members, youth receiving services, community members and youth.

The rally will feature a short series of speakers, including:
City Councilmember Marni Von Wilpert
San Diego Youth Services CEO Walter Philips
• San Diego Youth Services Director of Services Haley Veniegas

San Diego Youth Services works to end the cycle of homelessness by moving youth into safe and stable housing and providing safe places to live and long-term solutions for children and young adults. The organization also provides wraparound services, including the tools and training youth need to become self-sufficient and create healthy and productive paths in life.

Why: According to the Regional Task Force on Homelessness’ 2023 Point in Time Count, which is a one-day snapshot of the minimum number of San Diegans that experience homelessness, out of the 10,264 people that experience homelessness, 2,011 are youth. This is more than two times as many as the 814 veterans that do not have anywhere to sleep at night. This rally puts a spotlight on youth homelessness and brings awareness to this issue.

November is Runaway and Homeless Youth Awareness Month, with the theme “Shine a Light.” This walk and rally shines a light on our youth’s strength and resiliency, along with all the staff members who support San Diego Youth Services’ mission to end youth homelessness.

Visuals: About 30 youth and staff marching down the street, wearing green and holding self-made posters. The rally will feature well-know community leaders, volunteers and youth.

About San Diego Youth Services
San Diego Youth Services is a nonprofit organization serving more than 17,000 youth annually who experience homelessness, are vulnerable or abused. SDYS has helped stabilize the lives of more than 797,000 youth living in San Diego County since its founding in 1970 and provides safe places to live and long-term solutions through shelter, foster homes, community centers and housing. SDYS is working to end homelessness, prevent delinquency and school failure, break the cycle of child abuse and neglect and promote mental health and addiction recovery. Through prevention, early intervention and treatment, SDYS also helps youth before they need higher levels of care or experience homelessness.

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