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Adoption Support Services

Our Adoption Support Services Program began in 1998 and provides support for families formed by adoption. Our services are designed to enhance, support and build a deep and lasting sense of attachment within the adoptive family.

Last year, our adoption support services helped 407 youth and families.

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A Family Attachment Building Approach

Our goal is to help create a community of adoptive families bringing hope and the tools necessary to provide safe, sensitive and lasting homes for children and teens who have come to the adoption journey.

Our focus has always been on “attachment” and meeting the special needs of adoptive families throughout the San Diego County region. Services offered are designed to address the core issues of adoption and to provide parents with the insight, education and practical tools necessary to heal and support their children and teens as they grow and take root in their adoptive families.

Supportive Services

  • Support Groups (monthly all regions of the county / all family members)
  • Movie Nights (for children and teens / respite for parents)
  • Saturday Enrichment Outings (small groups)
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Mentor/Tutoring (volunteer program)
  • Attachment and Adoption Focused Therapy (targeted families)
  • Parent Coaching (phone, in-home, in-clinic)
  • Family Advocacy (school meetings, community interface, etc.)
  • Resources and Referrals
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Specialized Workshops
  • Respite Funding (limited)
  • Family Festivals


We welcome all families from every region of San Diego County who are in the process of adopting or who have already adopted infants, children and teens. Our hope is that families will join us and find an encouraging and resourceful home in the community of adoptive families.

For more information:

Ilene Tibbitts
(619) 221-8600 x2240 / tibbitts@sdyouthservices.org

En Español
Erica Topete
(619) 221-8600 x2245 / etopete@sdyouthservices.org

Katiana Quintero
(619) 221-8600 x2241 / kquintero@sdyouthservices.org