Our Safe Place Goes Virtual

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LGBTQ+ youth can now join Our Safe Place on Zoom to connect with staff and peers.

The Our Safe Place drop-in center at our Golden Hill Youth Center is also operating on a needs-only basis during the COVID-19 public health emergency. This means that at the physical drop-in location, we are providing showers, hygiene items and pick-up for your gender affirming items and/or if you want to grab a snack.

Our Safe Place provides mental health services and drop-in centers for LGBTQ+ youth up to age 21 and their families. It’s a collaborative program with South Bay Community Services and the YMCA of San Diego County.

Please contact Melanie Martellaro at (619) 871-8342, 12pm – 8pm, for more information and how to access the new activities or to get set up with staff for check-ins.

April Calendar of Events

Self-Care Sundays: Let’s Zoom in on what we can do for self-care during this stressful time.
#adulting Zoom Series: Education & Resources on taxes, how to apply for healthcare, college, resumes, etc.
Let’s Taco ‘Bout It Zoom Youth Support Meeting: You can share your thoughts, emotions, whatever’s on your mind in a safe, youth-focused, virtual space!
The Topic is: Youth pick a topic of discussion based on current interest, current events, etc.
Hump Day Zoom series: a sex-positive series for sexual health and education!
Workshop Wednesdays: Learn skills like how to save money and eat fresh, how to garden, safe binding tips, etc.
Cookin’ It Up Zoom Cuisine Series: Learn to cook, or show off your skills in the kitchen!
Rated PG Caregiver Support Series: a safe place for parents and caretakers of LGBTQ+ youth to hold conversations about how to support their children.
Let’s Get Physical Fridays over Zoom: Zumba, workouts, stretches, yoga, etc.
Mindfulness Meditation, Wellness Zoom Series: Yoga, grounding, meditation and mindfulness activities.

See the complete April Calendar of Events

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