Juvenile Delinquency Prevention, Diversion and Intervention We can help.

We provide a wide range of juvenile delinquency prevention and intervention services to help youth and their families stay on track. 

Our services include juvenile delinquency program, a community assessment team, and an after-school achievement center.

We served a total of 1,081 through our programs.

Community Assessment Team

Our Community Assessment Team provides individualized supportive case management and links youth dealing with behavioral, social or juvenile justice issues and their families with needed resources and services in Central and East regions of San Diego County.

Last year, we served a total of 876 youth and families.


Community Assessment Team

Alternatives to Detention

Alternative to Detention (ATD) Cool Bed offers a secure, proven alternative to institutional settings for youth and families who need a break during stressful situations. Cool Bed is a voluntary short-term (14 day minimum) placement in host homes certified by San Diego Youth Services.

While in ATD Cool Bed, youth will continue to attend their regular school activities, in addition to participating in group activities and scheduled family meetings.


Alternatives to Detention

For questions call (858) 437-3129.


Our CHOICE program helps youth who are on probation and need additional services to reduce violations, strengthen family relationships and increase their resiliency.

Serving the South, Central and North regions of San Diego County, CHOICE staff work closely with youth on formal probation with frequent daily contacts. The focus of each contact is to guide youth to make positive choices and to reiterate and reinforce the expectations of parents, schools, probation and courts, as well as provide mentoring and support.

Achievement Center

This after-school rehabilitative program provided youth services and empowerment utilizing positive youth development, restorative practices, and trauma-informed care to support youth to successfully complete terms of probation to prevent further justice involvement.


Achievement Center

For questions call 619-679-1185.