Be a hero to a youth! Give monthly to help youth every day

Why Give to San Diego Youth Services?

Do you know that about 1,800 youth are facing homelessness and are sleeping on San Diego's cold streets every night? They often experience horrific events, including human trafficking, assault and sexual violence, and struggle with their mental health, are unable to finish school or find a job to support themselves.

San Diego Youth Services provides them with a hope for a better tomorrow. We work with them to stabilize their crisis situation so they become self-sufficient. We house more than 1,600 youth per year at our apartment complexes all over San Diego County and serve more than 13,000 through our many supportive programs, including mental health, trafficking prevention, foster care and job training.

Our dream is for every child to have a safe home so that they can have a better, brighter future. But we can’t do it alone. By giving a monthly donation to our organization you help put a roof over a child's head, provide a warm meal and a way to start a better future.

Dependable Funding

Our supporters provide dependable funding that directly supports San Diego Youth Services and allows us to take a planned, long-term approach to help the youth most in need. Because of generous people like you, since our inception nearly $25 million has gone towards supporting struggling youth in our community.

Cost Effective

Monthly giving helps reduce our administrative costs, so that your contribution goes to where it is needed the most: helping struggling youth in our region. It is also affordable for you, since you will be spreading your support throughout the year.

We help:

  • Some of the most vulnerable youth in our community.
  • A student struggling not to fail in school.
  • A gay youth forced to sleep on the streets because her parents kicked her out of the home when she came out.
  • A child who has been severely abused by substance abusing parents.
  • A young teen girl forced into prostitution by the neighborhood gang and one day wakes up with an infant to care for when she in fact is still a child herself.
  • These are the invisible kids who have no voice and without our help have a very bleak future.

We provide:

  • Hope for a better tomorrow
  • Safety
  • Shelter
  • Support

Our dream is:

  • That every child has a safe home.
  • That every child has a caring adult in their life that will help them succeed.
  • That every child has access to stable, quality education.
  • That every child can grow up in a safe community free from gangs, drugs and violence.
  • That every child has the same opportunities that my own kids have so they can have a better, brighter future.