Human Trafficking Facts

SDYS Human Trafficking Facts
SDYS Human Trafficking Facts

Human Trafficking Facts

SDYS Human Trafficking Youth

  • Human trafficking does not require that a victim be moved over state or international borders. Human Trafficking is also a domestic issue inside CA state and San Diego County.
  • 27 million people are trafficked each year worldwide, with approximately 18,000 victims in the U.S. (U.S. Department of State)
  • Human trafficking is one of the most profitable criminal enterprises with estimates of profit worldwide of $32 billion, and 9.5 billion annually in the U.S.
  • The FBI has ranked San Diego as one of the 13 worst regions in the United States with up to 8,000 victims per year.
  • Human Trafficking that is based in sexual exploitation and its related forms of pimping and pandering form the majority of criminal prosecutions.
  • Youth who identify as LGBTQ+ are particularly vulnerable. An astonishing number of hidden victims are boys and youth who identify as LGBTQ+

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