I Want to Become a Foster-Resource Parent: What to Expect

I Want to Become a Foster-Resource Parent: What to Expect May 5, 2021

Written by Aria Boone, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator with San Diego Youth Service Foster Care

Like many people, you may have considered becoming a Foster-Resource Parent or Foster-Resource Family.

A foster-resource parent is an individual that has been trained and approved to provide a therapeutic, safe and loving home/environment for a foster child or youth.

Given that this may be uncharted territory for some it could be an exciting, scary and complex journey. But you don’t have to take that journey alone. San Diego Youth Services has been one of the longest standing FFA/RFA (Foster Family Agency / Resource Family Agency) in San Diego, California. We also are one of 2 Resource Family Agencies in San Diego that are able to give you the training and tools to be able to place children and youth that need more advance care. These children and youth need people like you!

Together we are able to make the difference! We believe in:

Committing to Permanency: Being 100% Committed to the process and the child/youth placed in your home until they are either reunified with their birth family or adopted.

Trauma Informed Approach: Being open to learn and use non-traditional methods to build trust and respond to crisis through a trauma informed lens.

One Child At a Time: Unlike traditional foster care, we only allow one child to be placed in your home at a time unless it is a sibling set.

If you are ready to make the difference, here are the next steps. In order to become a resource parent you must meet certain qualifications and requirements. Below are a list of some of the requirements for our agency:

  • You are at least 21 years of age.
  • You have an adequate source of income.
  • You have sufficient number of bedrooms and a safe living environment.
  • You can provide supportive and therapeutic parenting and support efforts of permanency.
  • You are willing to undergo a Home Study process.
  • And more.

After meeting these basic requirements, it is time to begin initial documentation, training and onboarding. We work closely with San Diego County and the State of California through the onboarding process and your journey after. Some documentation are required by San Diego Youth Services and other from SD County or CCL in order to provide a safe environment for these children and youth. The initial process will consist of:

  • RFA Application
  • Live Scan Background Check
  • 40 Hours of Pre-Approval Training
  • Safe Home Study
  • Home Walkthrough

The San Diego Youth Services Foster Care Team will guide you through the paperwork, provide you with pre-approval and continuing training, support you in and out of the home and much more. This journey does not have a finish line, this journey is a marathon and you don’t have to do it alone!

Are you ready to make the difference? Contact us now! Or sign up to attend our next information session.

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I Want to Become a Foster-Resource Parent: What to Expect

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