Workforce Development Become a business partner and help youth learn valuable job skills

TAY WORKS! is a comprehensive employment readiness program that offers a positive introduction to the workforce. The program will give youth the opportunity to build skills, make connections, and gain real-world job experiences.

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We're looking for business partners!

At San Diego Youth Services (SDYS), we work youth determined to overcome barriers and who are ready to take control of their lives. Over the past years, COVID-19 has made life even more challenging for so many. Youth are often the first to be laid off, and the last to be hired – catapulting those already in crisis into homelessness, or worse.

We know that addressing this economic inequity will improve outcomes and help youth reach their highest potential. And you can be part of the solution.

TAY Works! is looking for local businesses who can partner with us by offering a space for our youth to learn. This experience will provide immense benefits to our youth as we are seeking job shadowing and work experience opportunities. You will also benefit in the following ways:

  • Compensation will be funded by us, so there is no cost to you
  • You will receive direct support from SDYS program manager and staff
  • The youth will receive weekly coaching
  • We will provide public recognition of your partnership with us

The youth in our program are resilient, motivated and ready to take advantage of workforce opportunities. They have also been prepared to join the workforce by participating in workshops to learn professional skills.