Strategic Plan

San Diego Youth Services Strategic Plan, 2016-2019


To help at-risk youth and their families become self-sufficient and reach their highest potential.


Our Vision is a community of youth and families who are successful at reaching their highest potential.


San Diego Youth Services (SDYS) will offer responsive solutions to over 13,000 youth annually in quality environments delivered by capable staff and volunteers. Through a trauma informed care philosophy, the agency practices a double bottom line operational model – high program impact and financial viability. The agency will be driven by effective governance and administration, secured by a strong economic base. Through collaborative partnerships, SDYS will generate and sustain positive external relationships and a well-recognized, respected public image.


  • Build a comprehensive, quality continuum of care that meets the basic needs, creates positive connections, develops constructive productivity and promotes overall well-being of youth.
  • Develop and maintain staff and volunteers that are highly qualified, trained and appropriately compensated.
  • Operate programs and administration that are effective, efficient and high functioning.
  • Produce a strong, diverse and stable financial base that supports the organizations mission.
  • Create public awareness to ensure the organization is well recognized for mission achievement.

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