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SDYS Voices: Stephen Carroll

Stephen Carroll

Meet Stephen Carroll, celebrating his 20th year with San Diego Youth Services after knocking on our door in 1998 with his resume in-hand and his Master of Social Work degree newly earned. Today, he is Director of Services.

“When I first started with San Diego Youth Services I was in my 20s and felt that I had some relatable experience that would allow me to hopefully connect with youth and really provide some coaching, mentoring and support.

Very quickly after starting at the agency, what I really appreciated and grew to love was the culture, which was at times described as professional and at other times as a large organization that still had a grassroots feel to it. I felt that. The culture of the agency is that we are all working together toward something. That really resonated with me.

Over the course of my career and even to this day when I’ve thought about it, I have not been able to picture myself working anywhere else. Another thing I really appreciate about the agency is that I was given so many opportunities to develop professionally. I’ve had opportunities to advance into supervisory positions, but I also had the opportunity to pursue an associate degree in Spanish and pair that with a one-month sabbatical in Mexico. I also had the opportunity to work toward my license as a licensed clinical social worker. It became a five-year journey for me with support at all levels, from my team to my supervisor. In my 20 years with the agency, I’m really appreciative of all the opportunities I have been given to develop my professional self.”