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SDYS Voices: Haidee Banuet

Meet Haidee Banuet, a foster parent with San Diego Youth Services for 22 years.

“My first foster daughter stayed with me for five years. Then I got her sister and she stayed with me for three years. They still keep in touch. They come over. Most of the girls call me mom. I don’t want to lose touch. Sometimes they just need support, a little push and that’s why they call.

I’ve been a foster parent for 22 years with San Diego Youth Services. My daughter, Bianca, she was 12 when I started. Her sisters were all older, all in their 20s. And here I was – I was 40. Two or three weeks after my first foster daughter came, she said, ‘I think this was a mistake, Mom.’  But I said we have to give it a real try and we did. It was hard in the beginning but this is what it is.

It takes about six to eight months before they trust you. I raised seven girls of my own and my girls would pick up kids from the streets and bring them home.  I wouldn’t close my door on anyone. This is a safe place.”